Money Mastery Toolkit

This toolkit is a bundle of all the guides on our site - an arsenal of tools to take you from complete beginner to "you can't tell me nothin'" - built through personal experience, improvements, suggestions, and the love of all things money. ♥

Maybe YOU:

Have tried to budget before but gave up because you can't figure it out - feeling frustrated and overwhelmed!

Want to get organized with your money and show it some love (treat your money well, it will treat you well back...)

Want to finally make a plan to pay off your debt the FAST way

Have tried to save but failed in the past (we're gonna change this together - it's time!!)

Want to stop living paycheck to paycheck and actually feel a sense of PEACE

In This Toolkit You Will:

Learn how to budget the EASY way!! And spoiler alert: you don't have to give up door dash or getting your nails done (unless you want to!)

Learn the easiest way to organize your entire financial picture into one place - one quick access point for ALL your info

Make a plan for paying off your debt and start executing it as soon as this month!

Make a plan for your Emergency Fund and save your first contribution

Learn how to finally break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle FOR GOOD! Hallelujah!

What's Included In This Toolkit:

✔️ 50 pages with hyperlinked tabs that will guide you through the process from start to finish

✔️ Money Mastery Roadmap - refer to this as you go through your journey

✔️ How to budget the EASY way.. .and spoiler alert, you don't have to give up DoorDash or getting your nails done, unless you want to.

✔️ Easiest way to organize your entire financial picture into one place

✔️ How to create your plan for paying off debt and start executing it as soon as THIS MONTH

✔️ How to make a plan to save your Emergency Fund and make your first contribution

✔️ How to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle FOR GOOD

✔️ Plenty of pages for reflections and notes along the way

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✔️ Beginner Budgeting Guide

✔️ Total Finance Inventory Guide

✔️ Debt Payoff Guide

✔️ Scarcity To Security Guide

✔️ 6 Different Google Sheets

Burning Questions You Might Be Having, Before You Grab Your

Money Mastery Toolkit...

Can I use this toolkit on my iPhone/iPad?

Yes! Use a note taking app (we recommend GoodNotes). Import your download and get to learning!

Can I use Google Sheets on my phone or tablet?

Yes, Google Sheets can be used on computer, phone, or tablet - just make sure you have the Google Sheets app!

Is this a one-time purchase?

Yes - buy it once and it's yours forever.

How will I access my toolkit?

You will get an instant download link after purchase, as well as an email with a link to download.

Learn the simple way to take control of your money and create the life you want. ♥

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