Budget Mastery Bootcamp

What if you could finally take control of your money and your life, and break up with the struggle for good?

The Budget Mastery Bootcamp is a proven system that will take you from Budgeting Beginner to Master of your own money by the time you're done.

You'll learn how to change your money mindset, get organized, create a budget that fits into YOUR lifestyle, how to save your first Emergency Fund (and work it into your budget), and how to use the cash stuffing method to accelerate your progress.

PLUS as a bonus, learn how to demolish your debt FAST.

It's getting real - you in?

Pssssst.... You Owe This To Yourself.

Whether you're brand new to budgeting or you have some type of budget in place already but maybe it's not working as you wish it was, this is for you.

Now more than ever, mastering the skill of managing your own money and taking control of your own situation is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

And not only for yourself... but for your family as well.

We are so done passing down generational chains and curses.

Like hundreds of my past students, maybe you have trouble staying consistent or you just don't know where to start at all. It feels completely overwhelming.

If that's the case - Budget Mastery Bootcamp is exactly the roadmap you need to take control once and for all, and start seeing results as soon as this month.

Are you ready to FINALLY overcome the overwhelm, take control, and reach your financial goals? We're not only going to reach your goals, we're going to crush them, friend.

Is Budget Mastery Bootcamp Right For You?

Let's find out...

👍BMB is for you if...

  • You're a beginner to budgeting
  • You don't know where to start to take control
  • You're not sure what to do beyond actually CREATING the budget itself
  • You want to learn how to align your mindset and your money
  • You're ready to actually make a change
  • You're committed to building a life OUTSIDE of the struggle

🙅‍♀️BMB is NOT for you if....

  • You're not actually ready to put in the work
  • You're looking for investment advice
  • You aren't ready to hold yourself accountable
  • You're looking for an overnight solution
  • You're looking for a "get rich quick" situation
  • You're wanting a more "DIY" approach (check out the Money Mastery Toolkit if this is you!)

By the End of This Bootcamp,

You Will Have Mastered:


Your Total Money Mindset

so you can work with your money from abundance, not lack - attract more money and healthy habits instead of repelling them.


How to Organize Your Finances

so you can have everything together in one place for quick reference - I even give you the exact template I use in my own finances.


Creating a Budget That Fits YOUR Life

because what good is a budget if you can't stick to it? You don't have to give up everything you love! You just have to budget for it.


Your Starter Emergency Fund

so you have a safety net that holds you through unexpected expenses while you focus on tackling debt or hitting other goals.


The Cash Stuffing Method

...the best way to get hands-on with your money and learn EXACTLY how it's moving and where you're spending most.

PLUS An Entire Bonus Module:

⚒️Debt Demolition⚒️

Budget Mastery Bootcamp will teach you the skills and the strategy for lasting results.

I don't want to give you the fish, I want to teach you to fish.

Let's get your sh*t together, together.

What Are Students Saying?

"Just wanted to send you a quick note. I am amazed at how much change has taken place in almost a month and a half. The BootCamp was transformative, and I am now seriously obsessed and excited about planning out my paychecks and spending. This has never happened in my life!!! In less than 2 months, I have put $773 into a starter emergency fund. This is the first time in my adult life that I have had any kind of real savings! And better yet… I received some cash for Christmas and immediately put it in savings instead of spending it immediately. Normally I would have used that cash to catch up on bills, but this time my bills were covered or planned out and I didn’t have to rely on that extra money to get by. I cannot thank you enough for your work and the effort you have put into this mission. Thank you a million times!!! I cannot wait to see where I am in the next 2 months!"


"I have never thought about budgeting like this before... total game changer!!!"


"After going through the Bootcamp I cried (happy tears!) because I can already see my situation shifting. I never thought I could do this but now I've proven to myself that I can. Thank you so much for this course!"


"For the first time in my life, I finally feel in control of my situation. I've saved over $1,500 so far - the most I've ever been able to save! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!"


Budget Mastery Bootcamp Will Transform

How You Approach Your Money

It's Officially OPEN For Enrollment!

One-Time Payment Of


*4-pay available

What's Inside the

Budget Mastery Bootcamp?

🧠Module 1: Get Your Mind Right

Learn how to tackle the mental money blocks you didn't even know were there.

Mindset is 80% of the battle when it comes to anything, and it's no different when dealing with money.

We will smash through limiting beliefs, learn how to keep going when you're frustrated, what your priorities are, and not only setting goals for your future... but reaching them.

💰Module 2: Financial Snapshot

When you know better, you can do better.

You need to learn your past spending habits so you can pave a new path moving forward. YOU are in charge of where your money goes. We will walk through nailing down your past spending, what you want to do differently, and how to make that happen. You'll also get the template I use to organize my finances - you'll have everything in ONE place to reference and work with moving forward. Organizing your finances in this way will set you up for major success moving forward.

🖊️Module 3: Create Your Budget

You have to learn to budget in a way that works for YOUR lifestyle.

Each person's situation is different from the next, and so are their priorities. That's the beauty of this method of budgeting - you still get to enjoy things you love, and YOU get to decide how much you save vs. spend. The key is working things you love into your budget (DoorDash, I'm looking at you) so you don't go overboard. We will walk through the process together, making sure you know exactly what to do for your specific pay schedule and priorities.

💸Module 4: Emergency Fund

The average person can't cover a $1,000 emergency.

If that's you, don't worry... not for long! We will cover everything about Emergency Funds... from how much to save, to where to keep it, to how to work contributions into your budget. We will also talk about eventually fully funding your Emergency Fund so you always have a comfortable cushion to fall back on if emergencies arise. This is one of the most IMPORTANT aspects of your budget and lifestyle - this can be the difference between staying on track or completely derailing if something unexpected comes up.

✉️Module 5: Cash Stuffing 101

The cash stuffing method is going to change your relationship with your spending and money overall.

I recommend all beginners to start with cash stuffing their variable expenses and sinking funds. I'm going to teach you everything about it, how to set it up, and even a couple of templates for you to use to make it even easier for you. Cash stuffing changed my life, literally... when I was able to see how my money was moving and disappearing, I was shocked. If you'd rather do digital "envelopes", we c

🎉BONUS Module: Debt Demolition

Get ready to absolutely slay your debt in a fraction of the time.

I had to throw this module in because paying off debt is one of the most IMPORTANT THINGS you need to do. A weight will be lifted, you'll be able to breathe easier... and you'll have a bunch of extra money in your pocket!! I'll teach you the best debt payoff methods, give you the calculators for each to make your plan, and walk you through the process of setting them up and sticking to them. Even the plan alone is going to make a huge difference in your mental state! I'll even show you how to work this into your budget as well. Let's do this!

Plus, you'll get your own copies of all my templates and calculators that I've built and still use myself!

Those templates and calculators alone are worth more than the total cost of this Bootcamp.

Then why not charge more?

One of my goals is to make this very needed information and education as accessible as I can make it.

I want everyone, including you, to access and learn this information.

It's life changing.

What About Updates?

As time goes on and methods/best practices/etc. change.....

I update the program.

And since you will have lifetime access to Budget Mastery Bootcamp, you will get every single future update as I change or add to the curriculum.

Now that's value. ♥

So can I mark you down as a big "YES" to start transforming your financial future TODAY?

One-Time Payment Of


*4-pay available


Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about BMB...

Is this the same as the Money Mastery Toolkit?


Some of the concepts are the same, but BMB is an online course experience. There are modules and lessons within those modules - each with a video walkthrough and instructions ("homework") to complete in your course workbook! Money Mastery Toolkit is a bundle containing the DIY guides in the shop (along with some written instructions to help guide you through it).

Is there a payment plan?


You can use Afterpay or Klarna if you'd like to set up a payment plan.

I've literally never created a budget before - is this too advanced for me?

No way!

I created BMB with beginners in mind. Each module is broken up into lessons with detailed videos inside. I go slow and explain all the concepts, and then give you homework to put those ideas into practice. Plus, you can always reach out to me if you get stuck.

I don't do well with written instructions - I need guidance. Will BMB help me?

Absolutely yes.

This Bootcamp is made up of detailed video lessons which show you step-by-step how to complete each part of the workbook. Plus, there are plenty of examples in the course to see the concepts with real numbers. Once you're done, you'll have a full budget for yourself and the knowledge to use it moving forward. You'll be saving money and slaying your debt before you know it!!

How long will I have access to BMB?


No, really. You'll have lifetime access to BMB through your student portal, including any additions or updates I make to it in the future. Come back to it over and over again if you need to... That's one heck of a deal.

Can you just do it for me in a 1-on-1?

No... for a good reason.

I took the framework I've used in prior 1-on-1 sessions and created BMB from it. The reasoning is because I want YOU to learn these skills and concepts. If I do it for you, you won't get a deep understanding and therefore are less likely to stick to it!! If you learn these skills yourself, you can use them for the rest of your life. I'm teaching you to fish, not dropping the fish off at your doorstep.

I'll See You Inside!!!

Got questions that weren't answered on this page?

Learn the simple way to take control of your money and create the life you want. ♥

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